Wednesday, July 30, 2014

P-Hotels Brattøra Review (Trondheim Norway)

Considering that Norway is such an expensive country, this hotel is very value for money and is within walking distance to the city. It's conveniently located near the train station (just beside the hotel), ferry terminal and airport bus station. So this is a good location if you have an early morning flight/ferry/train to catch as you could easily make your way there from the hotel.

Simple and nice rooms with enough space to open up your luggages. The toilets were rather spacious too.

Wifi is accessible from the lobby. So request for the rooms nearer to the lobby if you want the wifi in your room. Mine was the last room, so we couldn't really access it.

Rough walking time without luggage:
Trains - 1 minute
Bus - 1 minute
Ferry - 10-15 min

P-Hotels Brattøra Trondheim Norway (
Hotel entrance
(Credits: Agoda)

P-Hotels Brattøra Trondheim Norway (
Hotel room
(Credits: Agoda)

Date of stay: July 2014

Fosenkaia, Trondheim, Norway

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