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Hi fellow travel lover!

If it isn't obvious enough, we are Kenneth & Stephanie and we love traveling! ;)

We come from a sunny island in Asia called Singapore. Contrary to popular belief, Singapore is not in China but is located at the southern tip of Malaysia and lies very close to the equator. Because of its location, our four seasons consist of Summer, Summer, Summer and Summer.

We both got to know each other during our time in NUS. But after about a year of knowing each other, I embarked on a one year NOC internship program to Stockholm. Long distance relationship is definitely not easy. It requires a lot of trust, commitment and communication. Personally, I also feel these are the essential qualities of any successful and healthy relationship. The long distant season really put these qualities to the test, but it also strengthen our relationship. It was also during this time that we developed our love for Europe and traveling. You can find some of the places in Europe we have traveled to in the map below.

I believe everyone should make an effort to travel. Traveling helps widen our perspective towards different culture, people, things and life in general. One article mentioned that we should spend on creating experiences (that will make us happier) rather than on material things that eventually will fade away. Some people say that traveling is "too expensive and I can't afford it". It's all about prioritisation; where you choose to spend your time and money. You can always go for a trip that fits your budget, or go for a trip on a budget. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind on it and work towards it.

If you have any comments, queries, feedback or posts that you would like us to write about or just want to send us some love, feel free to drop us a comment in the different posts or email us and we get back to you. We would be most glad to share our tips and experiences to help you plan your next memorable trip.

In this blog, we want to share our experiences and passion for traveling and hope that it will inspire you to explore this beautiful planet we live in! :)

Kenneth & Stephanie

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